Founded by Luigi Lorenzon in 1992, Synthesis Art in Music is a dynamic and constantly evolving company.

From the appearance of the earliest valve amplifiers, they have gained the reputation, on the hi-fi market, as a niche product in the broadest and most positive sense of the term.

Electronically perfect and aesthetically innovative, with that something special which was lacking, and often still lacks today, to high end products; elegance and style.

The use of lacquered wood, adopted from the earliest projects, have made Synthesis amplifiers immediately recognizable worldwide and have lead to Synthesis becoming a synonym for excellent quality of sound and an absolutely 'Made in Italy' style.

To this day, many audiophiles, while having purchased other amplifiers, will not let go of their NIMIS model (15 W valve amplifier, now no longer in production).

This amplifier has been a turning point for the company as it lead to Synthesis' fame spreading not only in Italy, but all over the world.

The exceptional aesthetics, the constant technological research, and an almost maniacal attention to detail make every single Synthesis amplifier a unique piece.

Each piece is entirely made in Italy, in one of the few Italian companies in which everything is carefully handmade within the company, with particular care and attention to the transformers.

This is not surprising given that Luigi Lorenzon learned to make transformers in his youth from his father - founding member of FASEL.

FASEL was created by Lorenzon senior in 1961 and designed transformers for valve amplifiers, rapidly becoming a reference point for the sector as a manufacturer of output transformers, power transformers, choke, inductors for musical instruments.

The output transformer (model 3.370.063) was produced for the EME Thomas Vox company and used in the VOX AC30 model.

The legendary red Fasel inductor was produced for Dunlop and used in Cry Baby wah-wah.

After having inherited his father's business, Luigi Lorenzon decided to combine his technical knowledge with his love for music and to make a breakthrough by creating Synthesis Art in Music.

It is safe to say that - today - Synthesis Art in Music - represents the continuation of 63 years of experience in the field of high end electronics.